15x8 Mobile LED

SIZE: 15’x8′


360 Degree Swivel

Hydraulic Adjustable Height

23x13 Mobile LED

SIZE: 23’X13′


360 Degree Swivel

Hydraulic Adjustable Height

17x10 Mobile LED

SIZE: 17’X10′


360 Degree Swivel

Hydraulic Adjustable Height

The Xtreme Mobile LED Trailer pushes the envelope with its sheer size factor. As one of the largest LED screen trailers on the market, it can be seen crystal clear from up to 500 ft. away at a viewing angle of up to 160°. The screen is durably engineered as two separate interlocking screen segments that hydraulically lock into place to form one giant, seamless 23’x13′ screen. The screen is locked together, rotated, and height-adjusted with an intuitive remote controller. The Xtreme Mobile LED Trailer is great for events of any size or scope, but is typically used for larger scale events and productions.

Mobile LED Screen Rental

If you have never had the chance or occasion to rent an LED screen before today, it might be challenging to figure out what screen will best suit your needs. At XtremeLEDScreens.com, we rent both the mobile as well as modular displays of numerous different types and sizes. If you are currently planning your next event, take some time to consider the following details:

  1. Type of event
  2. Mobility requirements
  3. Duration of event
  4. Look and feel of your event
  5. The time required for setup
  6. Budget

Having a mobile LED screen rented through XtremeLEDScreens.comyou can move the screen to a certain place and subsequently move it to another location at your event. On average, it can take approximately thirty to sixty minutes for us to move the screen, from one place to another, depending on your needs and the event setup. The best part is that you do not have to do any of the heavy lifting; our team of trained specialists is available to handle all the mobilization process. All you have to do is tell our technician where you need it set up next, and the direction you would like your screen to face.

Events Where You Need to Rent a Mobile LED Screen Truck or Trailer

A Mobile LED truck or trailer can be used for weddings, marketing events, music festivals, marathons, political rallies, and church fundraisers, to name a few. If you have never rented a screen before, bringing modular panels to the stage, building a structure on which you can mount it, and then having to tear down when you are done is an enormous undertaking. These are just a few reasons why so many clients have chosen our services.


Typical Equipment We Use

All of our screens come standard with generators, so you do not have to worry about looking for an adequate power source. If power is already available without any hassle, our generators do not have to be used. That being said, our generators are hardly noticeable. We, at Xtreme LED Screens, use them at tournaments where noise pollution can also be colossal distress.


Control Room Features

Along with our mobile LED screen rentals, also comes a control room. These control rooms come standard with a switcher that can be used to switch between more than just one video source. These sources can be a DVD player, a laptop, or perhaps a live camera.

Many of our screen models come with three preview monitors that help you see up to three different sources through which you can understand what is on the screen you are switching to before you switch it over. Mostly our clients go for mobile screens, which are big enough for any size event that they are hosting.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Equipment Along With Technology

You should never cut corners with your visual displays. XtremeLEDScreens.com sources its 25,000+ line of products from some of the top LED industrialists in the world.

Technical Expertise Plus Production Support

With a multilevel production and client support team, we not only offer an enormous variety in products, but it also matches you with an expert technical team and production professionals who specialize in LED wall rental event productions.

Custom Solutions For a Creative Production

Event Production has become all the more multifaceted, and it takes a universal understanding of this industry to stand out. From all the cookie-cutter solutions, along with custom solutions, our specialists have done it all. Our rental process is very transparent and straightforward.

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