LED Screen Rentals

LED screens have recently emerged as a digital revolution of visual communications. Nonetheless, making a large investment by purchasing a screen might become financially exhausting for you. This will especially prove to be true if you are a small or medium business enterprise owner. We aim to bridge this barrier by providing a professional LED screen rental service. Let us help you make a big impact at your event without burning a hole in your pocket.

We offer high-resolution screens for our customers hailing from numerous professional markets. Some of the industries we serve are:

  1. Retail
  2. Entertainment
  3. Factory
  4. Healthcare
  5. Finance
  6. Education

Xtreme LED Screens

Turn your event up with a beautiful, large LED screen


12′ LED Screen


9′ x 6′ 4K Video Wall


15′ LED Screen


12′ x 7′ 4K Video Wall


20′ LED Screen


16′ x 9′ 4K Video Wall


24′ LED Screen


12′ x 7′ 4K Video Wall


We provide exceptional service and LED panels from top brands including Absen, Planar, Unilumin, ROE, and more.

Make Your Guests Say “Wow”



Get higher resolution and crisper images with our 3.9mm LED technology over other companies that use 4.8mm and larger diodes.  When it comes to pixel pitch, smaller is better! A smaller LED diode means more higher pixel density and more LED clusters per square inch, and that translates to better imaging!


Our technical staff can help you design an LED screen rental that’s perfect for your next big event and is adept at anticipating potential problems. Our staff thoroughly understands LED video display technology and how to best optimize your rental for any kind of event. We don’t just rent video screens – we provide customized event support for our clients and ensure that your event goes according to plan.


Our LED screens are outdoor rated to be up to 4X brighter at 5,000 NITS than other LED screen rentals that use indoor rated LED screens. This means that you can use a LED screen to liven up your event whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both.

Our versatile offering of LED screen rentals

Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

Audio Packages

Live Streaming Services

Social Media Integration

Custom Scoreboards & Timers

Custom LED Wall Shapes

LED Screen Rentals

Outdoor Screens

Renting an outdoor LED screen can help contribute to the success of your marketing campaigns, promotions, concerts, and other events to a whole new level. All thanks to XtremeLEDScreen.com’s cutting edge technology, it has now become easier to set up larger than life visual displays that produce a huge following for our customers consistently. Whether it is jazzing up your concerts, leaving your audience with bated breaths at sporting events, or deliver critical updates to highway passengers, our outdoor screen rental solutions have changed the content viewing game in both performance and client support.

You have the option of choosing from a range of resolution screens based on the optimal viewing distance, lighting conditions along with weather exposure. The sturdiness, along with the reliability of our well tried and tested outdoor LED screens guarantee impeccable performance at all your events.

This includes all perplexing conditions and without ever compromising your visual experiences. With the finest LED technology at your disposal, our screens deliver crisp and clear visuals under the bright stage and camera lighting.


Indoor Screens

We offer our clients a myriad of indoor LED screen rentals solutions that effortlessly blend into your event’s ambiance and enhance your overall brand presence. Whether your venue is lit poorly or is exposed to natural and bright light, our screens never fail to grab your audience’s attention wherever you ask us to set them up.

Our LED panels and screens can be built into our bespoke integrated modular frames. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and display clear and crisp images at events, for instance, large scale exhibitions.

Feel free to connect with us. Our team of experts can help you if you would like to hold an event such as the following:

  1. Product Launches
  2. Conferences
  3. Fashion shows
  4. Award ceremonies
  5. Exhibition halls
  6. Corporate events

You can call our experts for a free no-obligation quote if you ever require a customized solution. We will go above and beyond to deliver impactful and high-resolution visual experiences that will contribute to the success of your event.


Custom Screens

Are your event organizers not able to find clarity on flawless screens to showcase your content? Then maybe our team of experienced engineers, along with salespeople, can alleviate your burden. We offer a wide array of custom LED screen solutions for rent. This includes:

  1. Custom Built Shapes (Triangles, Cylinders, Circles)
  2. Curved LED Displays
  3. Transparent Screens

Versatility is our middle name, and we work hard to ensure your event is a huge success. Our expert technicians can customize your LED screens while factoring in numerous specifications for your particular application. For example, pixel pitch, the viewing distance, brightness, power consumption, or just about any other audiovisual configuration. If you have questions about the equipment or technology we use, screens’ variety, or any other services, please feel free to contact us!


How To Complete Your LED Screen Rental in 4 Simple Steps?

  1. Figure out the pixel pitch of the screen with a resolution that fits your event requirement.
  2. com can help customize your screen size, layout, and design. You can also choose the screen you like most from our product range.
  3. We offer end to end rental solutions and follow through with the screen assembly, installation, as well as removal to support all our clients during the entire process. We aim to deliver a hassle-free service that has a ‘wow’ factor in making your event a huge success.
  4. Choose the type of content you would like to display on your LED screen and leave all the rest to us! Our expert team of professionals will make sure that everything is perfectly set up well before the event so that you, too, can enjoy the event with your guests. Picture perfect clarity is our guarantee as we constantly strive to maintain the cutting-edge standards of audiovisual professionalism for all of your events.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Equipment along with Technology

It’s best not to cut corners when it comes to visual displays. XtremeLEDScreens.com sources its 25,000+ line of products from some of the top LED industrialists in the world.


Technical Expertise plus Production Support

With a multilevel production and client support team, we not only offer an enormous variety in products but we also match you with an expert team consisting of technical, as well as production professionals who specialize in LED wall rental integrated event production.


Custom Solutions for a Creative Production

Event Production has become all the more multifaceted, and it takes a universal understanding of this industry to stand out. From standard cookie-cutter to custom solutions, our specialists have done it all. Our rental process is extremely transparent plus straightforward.

Professional LED Screen Rentals

Take your event to the next level with an LED video screen rental. Our friendly staff can walk you through the process and find the perfect screen for your event. Call us or fill out a contact form today to get started!

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