Xtreme outdoor movie screen rentals can take your event to the next level! With an outdoor movie screen rental, you can turn back the hands of time and travel back to the days when a drive-in movie was the most popular way to spend your Saturday night. There’s a reason why drive-ins were so popular; moviegoers got to enjoy a film on the big screen while enjoying being outdoors. Today, outdoor movie screens are a bit more advanced, with high-resolution technology that offers crisp, clear picture and sound—but with all the same fun and entertainment!

At Xtreme LED screens, we offer the largest selection of outdoor movie projector rentals to choose from. Whether you’re planning a movie in the park event or hosting a birthday party in your backyard, there’s no better way to ensure that everyone has the best view in the house than to rent a high-quality movie screen from Xtreme. When you have a giant screen, there are no bad seats! Everyone gets the chance to enjoy the movie to the fullest. We use only top-rated projectors, speakers, audio systems, professional mixers, and blue-ray players to ensure your event is the ultimate success!

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Best in Market for Outdoor Movie Rentals

With over ten years in the outdoor movie screen rental business, it’s no wonder that we’ve earned a reputation as the number one outdoor movie night rentals company in Texas. Whatever you need to display on the big screen, our LED screens are up to the task! Our screens provide innovative versatility and crisp, vibrant image quality that just can’t be beaten. At Xtreme LED screens, we offer only the highest quality and most up to date audio and visual equipment on the market. Our team is made up of tech enthusiasts who live to produce awesome visuals that thrill and excite movie lovers of all ages.

If you’re planning to host an outdoor movie night, there’s no question that you need an outdoor movie screen rental to make it a success. There’s nothing worse than seeing your guests feeling left out or straining all evening to see a screen that’s too small. When you rent one of our premier movie screens, you can choose the size that best fits your venue and the number of guests on your list so that everyone is guaranteed to see the movie and have a great time doing it. Outdoor movie nights are such a fun, unique experience that deserves to be celebrated by enlisting the help of a professional LED screen company that can set it up for success.

Why Choose Us for an Outdoor Movie Rental

If you’re planning an outdoor movie night, you need the best—the best equipment and the best customer service to ensure your party is a hit. At Xtreme LED Screens, we’re dedicated to bringing you industrial quality outdoor movie screen rentals that you can rely on. All our movie screens are functional, reliable, and of superior quality. We’d never rent out equipment that produced anything less than the best quality possible. We’re also conscious of your party budget and price our outdoor movie night rentals packages at prices our friends and neighbors in Texas can afford. You can pull off an amazing movie night without breaking the bank!

In addition to our commitment to providing the best quality movie screen rental equipment, we’re proud to offer exceptional customer service that really puts Xtreme LED Screens over the edge. We’re prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable—helping you throughout the entire outdoor movie rentals process. Whether this is your first time renting an LED screen, or you’re a veteran, there are always details that need to be handled and you can count on our team to not only handle them properly but to do it with the kindness and professionalism that you deserve. The best part is, we handle everything for you on the night of your movie event—all you need to do is enjoy the show!

How to Book My Outdoor Movie Projector Rental

If you thought that reserving an outdoor movie projector rental would be a hassle, think again! Xtreme LED Screens makes the entire rental process easy as can be. It all starts with requesting a quote online through our convenient booking platform. Follow these simples instructions to get started:

  • 1. Click on a “Request a Quote” button on our website.
  • 2. Fill in your contact information.
  • 3. Fill in your event information—Verify that your date is available with our up to date calendar system.
  • 4. Choose your event date and time.
  • 5. Select your LED screen type and size.
  • 6. Click “get a quote!”
  • 7. One of our friendly team members will be in touch to secure the details.

With affordable pricing and easy to navigate reservations, why wouldn’t you choose Xtreme LED Screens for your next outdoor movie night?

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Customers All Over Love Outdoor Movie Night Rentals

It’s no secret that customers love our outdoor movie night rentals. In fact, people all over Texas are raving about the quality of our screens and the level of customer service they receive when they choose us to make their movie night special. But we wouldn’t ask you to just take our word for it, check out some of our raving customer reviews to see for yourself.

“I work with Extreme LED Screens and we rent our computers and printers from this team. They always provide great customer service and response and ensure timely delivery on all items. The tricky part is we run our events across the whole state all at once and yet these ladies and gents still can deliver again and again. You can’t go wrong with trusting their service as we do. Again and again!”

-Vanessa Cruz

Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

We compiled a list of our frequently asked questions to help answer your questions before you reserve your outdoor movie night rentals. If you have additional questions or need additional information that’s not listed here, please feel free to reach out!

A: Yes! Anything you can put on your television can be shown on our giant inflatable screens. Some great ideas for events around a screen rental include video gaming parties and live sporting events such as UFC fights, March Madness, and professional or NCAA football games.

A: We offer a fun, family-friendly activity that promotes a sense of community and can be enjoyed by just about everyone! It’s both modern and nostalgic all at the same time and provides a truly unique cinematic experience for movie lovers of all ages!

A: Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment has screen sizes that range from 12 feet to more than 40 feet across. Some locations have screen sizes as large as 75 feet! You can review our screen size/audience size graphic below to see common applications and help you decide.

A: Yes! If your movie is held outdoors, we recommend you schedule your start time to be at least 15 minutes after the official sunset time for your location. You can view your local sunset times by visiting SunriseSunset.com.

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